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National Execution Alert - Centro de Difusion de la Victimologia
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Execution Alert


July 2003

7/9 Riley Noel (AR) EXECUTED
7/9 Christopher Black (TX) EXECUTED
7/22 Bryan Toles (OK) TAKE ACTION
7/22 Bobby Swisher (VA) TAKE ACTION
7/23 Cedric Ransom (TX) TAKE ACTION
7/24 Allen Janecka (TX) TAKE ACTION
7/24 Jackie Willingham (OK) TAKE ACTION
7/24 Richard Cooey (OH) TAKE ACTION
7/29 Harold McElmurry (OK) TAKE ACTION

August 2003

8/1 Darnell Williams (IN) TAKE ACTION
8/6 Curtis Moore (TX) TAKE ACTION
8/6 Jose Rivera (TX) TAKE ACTION
8/7 Rickey Lewis (TX) TAKE ACTION
8/7 Tommy Fortenberry (TX) TAKE ACTION
8/20 Mark Robertson (TX) TAKE ACTION

(scroll down for archived alerts and telephone and mail contact information)

What is the National Execution Alert?
The National Execution Alert is a monthly news bulletin that highlights the stories of death row inmates scheduled for execution in the current and coming months.

How do I sign up for the Alert?
Click here to sign up!

For those supporters who do not have access to e-mail, NCADP provides hard copy subscriptions for $15.00.

How do I respond to the Alerts?
NCADP’s action center now provides direct links to e-mail governors, legislators, and state leaders. We encourage all subscribers to use this system to voice thier concerns about pending executions.

Also, the State Alert pages (below) include contact information for major newspapers and local affiliates.

The Execution Alert now comes along with the e-@bolitionist newsletter, another free resource provided by NCADP to keep our members updated and informed.

Execution Alert Hotline!
As always, tell your non-internet friends to call the National Execution Alert Hotline at (202) 543-9577 x48 to receive the latest updates on executions around the nation.


Execution Alerts by month

August 2003

bullet Texas Curtis Moore, Jose Rivera, Rickey Lewis, Mark Robertson
bullet Indiana Darnell Williams
bullet Alabama Tommy Fortenberry

July 2003

bullet Oklahoma Lewis Gilbert (EXECUTED), Robert Don Duckett (EXECUTED), Bryan Toles, Jackie Willingham, Harold McElmurry
bullet Ohio Richard Cooey
bullet Virginia Bobby Swisher (STAY, RESET FOR 7/22)
bullet Texas Hilton Crawford (EXECUTED), Christopher Black (EXECUTED), Cedric Ransom, Allen Janecka
bullet Arkansas Riley Noel (EXECUTED)

June 2003

bullet Indiana Joseph Trueblood (EXECUTED)
bullet Oklahoma Kenneth Charm (EXECUTED)
bullet Ohio Ernest Martin (EXECUTED), Lewis Williams (STAY), Jerome Campbell
bullet Tennessee Abu-Ali Abdur’Rahman (STAY)
bullet Texas Kia Johnson (EXECUTED), Kenneth Thomas (STAY)
bullet Utah Roberto Arguelles (STAY), Troy Kell

May 2003

bullet Indiana Kevin Lee Hough (EXECUTED)
bullet Alabama Glenn Holladay (STAY)
bullet Oklahoma Robert Knighton (EXECUTED)
bullet Ohio Jerome Campbell (STAY, RESET FOR 6/27)
bullet Virginia Percy Walton (STAY)
bullet Florida Newton Slawson (EXECUTION)
bullet Georgia Carl Isaacs (EXECUTED)
bullet Missouri John Clayton Smith (STAY)
bullet Texas Roger Vaughn (EXECUTED), Bruce Jacobs (EXECUTED), Eric Moore (STAY)

April 2003

bullet Texas Kenneth Morris (STAY), Juan Chavez (EXECUTED), Robert Ladd (STAY)
bullet Oklahoma Scott Hain (EXECUTED), Don Hawkins (EXECUTED), Larry Jackson (EXECUTED)
bullet Ohio David Brewer (EXECUTED), Lewis Williams (STAY)
bullet Virginia Brandon Hedrick (STAY), Earl Bramblett (EXECUTED)
bullet Alabama Gary Brown (EXECUTED)
bullet Tennessee Paul Reid (STAY)

March 2003

bullet Texas Bobby Cook (EXECUTED), Delma Banks, Jr. (STAY), Keith Clay (EXECUTED), James Colburn (EXECUTED)
bullet Oklahoma Walanzo Robinson (EXECUTED), John Hooker (EXECUTED), David Jay Brown (STAY)
bullet Federal Government Louis Jones (EXECUTED)
bullet Ohio Ernest Martin (STAY)
bullet Alabama Michael Thompson (EXECUTED)
bullet Georgia Larry Moon (EXECUTED)

February 2003

bullet Texas John Elliott (EXECUTED), Henry Dunn (EXECUTED), Gregory Van Alstyne (STAY), Richard Williams (EXECUTED), Michael Johnson (STAY)
bullet Oklahoma Bobby Joe Fields (EXECUTED), Larry Jackson (STAY)
bullet Missouri Kenneth Kenley (EXECUTED)
bullet Ohio Richard Fox (EXECUTED)
bullet Florida Amos King (EXECUTED)

January 2003

bullet Mississippi Ronald Chris Foster (STAY)
bullet Oklahoma Daniel Revilla (EXECUTED), Bobby Joe Fields (30-DAY STAY)
bullet Texas Samuel Gallamore (EXECUTED), John Baltazar (EXECUTED), Robert Lookingbill (EXECUTED), Elkie Taylor (STAY), Alva Curry (EXECUTED), Richard Dinkins (EXECUTED), Granville Riddle (EXECUTED)
bullet North Carolina Henry Lee Hunt (STAY)
bullet Virginia John Schmitt (STAY)

December 2002

bullet Florida Amos King (STAY), Linroy Bottoson (EXECUTED)
bullet Oklahoma Jerry McCracken (EXECUTED), Jay Neill (EXECUTED), Earnest Carter (EXECUTED), John Duty (STAY)
bullet Alabama Anthony Johnson (EXECUTED)
bullet North Carolina Ernest Basden (EXECUTED), Desmond Carter (EXECUTED)
bullet Texas Leonard Rojas (EXECUTED), James Collier (EXECUTED)
bullet Mississippi Jessie Williams (EXECUTED)

November 2002

bullet Texas James Colburn (STAY), Graig Ogan, Jr. (EXECUTED), William Chappell (EXECUTED), James Clark (STAY)
bullet Virginia Mir Aimal Kasi (EXECUTED)
bullet Alabama George Sibley, Jr. (STAY)
bullet Missouri William R. Jones (EXECUTED)
bullet Georgia William Howard Putman (EXECUTED), James Brown (STAY)

October 2002

bullet Texas James Powell (EXECUTED)
bullet Florida Rigoberto Sanchez-Velasco (EXECUTED), Aileen Wournos (EXECUTED)
bullet Alabama Donald Dallas (STAY)
bullet Missouri William R. Jones (STAY)

September 2002

bullet Texas Tony Walker (EXECUTED), Jesse Patrick (EXECUTED), Ronald Shamburger (EXECUTED), Rex Mays (EXECUTED), Calvin King (EXECUTED)
bullet South Carolina Michael Passaro (EXECUTED)
bullet Ohio Robert Buell (EXECUTED)

August 2002

bullet Texas Richard Kutzner (EXECUTED), T.J. Jones (EXECUTED), Brian Davis (STAY), Javier Medina (EXECUTED), Gary Etheridge (EXECUTED), Toronto Patterson (EXECUTED)
bullet Ohio Gregory Lott (STAY)
bullet Missouri Daniel Basile (EXECUTED)
bullet Georgia Stephen Mobley (STAY), Wallace Fugate III (EXECUTED)
bullet South Carolina Anthony Green (EXECUTED)

CREDITS: Scott Crain, Neil White
EDITORS: David Elliot

July 2002

bullet Florida Linroy Bottoson (STAY), Amos King (STAY)
bullet Georgia Timothy Carr (STAY)
bullet Mississippi Tracy Hansen (EXECUTED)
bullet Oklahoma Randall Cannon (EXECUTED), Earl Frederick (EXECUTED)
bullet Texas Jose Briseno (STAY)

CREDITS: Scott Crain
EDITORS: David Elliot



June 2002

bullet Georgia Wallace Fulgate (STAY)
bullet Missouri Christopher Simmons -- juvenile (STAY)
bullet Oklahoma David Brown (STAY)
bullet Texas Willie Modden, Daniel Reneau (EXECUTED), Robert Coulson (EXECUTED), Jeffrey Williams (EXECUTED), Gary Etheridge (STAY)
bullet Virginia Walter Mickens (EXECUTED)

CREDITS: Scott Crain, Kelly Dolan, Emily Kirby
EDITORS: David Elliot



May 2002

bullet Alabama Lynda Lyon Block (EXECUTED)
bullet Louisiana Leslie Dale Martin (EXECUTED)
bullet Maryland Wesley Baker (STAY)
bullet Missouri Chris Simmons (STAY)
bullet South Carolina Richard Johnson (EXECUTED)
bullet Texas Curtis Moore (STAY), Brian Davis (STAY), Reginald Reeves (STAY), Henry Dunn (STAY), Ronford Styron (EXECUTED, Johnny Martinez (EXECUTED), Stanley Baker, Jr.(EXECUTED), Napoleon Beazley (EXECUTED)

CREDITS: Scott Crain
EDITORS: David Elliot


April 2002

bullet Tennessee Abu-Ali Abdur’Rahman (STAY) (Credits: TCASK)
bullet Alabama Lynda Lyon Block (STAY), Gary Leon Brown (STAY)
bullet Missouri Paul Kreutzer (EXECUTED)
bullet Ohio Alton Coleman (EXECUTED)
bullet Texas William Burns (EXECUTED), Gerald Casey EXECUTED, Jose Santellan (EXECUTED), Rodolfo Hernandez (EXECUTED)
bullet Virginia Daniel Zirkle (EXECUTED)

CREDITS: Scott Crain, Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing
EDITORS: David Elliot

March 2002

bullet Missouri Jeffrey Tokar (EXECUTED)
bullet Texas Gerald Tigner (EXECUTED)
bullet Georgia Tracy Housel (EXECUTED)
bullet Virginia James Earl Patterson (EXECUTED)

CREDITS: Scott Crain
EDITORS: David Elliot



February 2002

bullet Arizona Charles Hedlund (STAY)
bullet Florida Linroy Bottoson (STAY), Robert Trease (STAY)
bullet Georgia Alexander Williams (COMMUTED)
bullet Louisiana Leslie Martin (STAY)
bullet Missouri Michael Owsley (EXECUTED)
bullet Ohio John Byrd, Jr. (EXECUTED)
bullet Oklahoma David Jay Brown (STAY)
bullet Texas Monty Delk(EXECUTED), Thomas Miller-El (STAY)

CREDITS: Scott Crain, Meghan Kelly
EDITORS: David Elliot, Jen Geiger, Tonya McClary



January 2002

bullet Georgia Ronald Spivey (EXECUTED)
bullet North Carolina Charlie Alston (COMMUTATION)
bullet California Stephen Anderson (EXECUTED)
bullet Florida Amos King (STAY)
bullet Missouri James Johnson (EXECUTED)
bullet Oklahoma John Romano (EXECUTED), David Woodruff (EXECUTED)
bullet Texas Michael Moore (EXECUTED), Jermarr Arnold (EXECUTED),
Windell Broussard (EXECUTED), Randall Hafdahl (EXECUTED)

CREDITS: Scott Crain
EDITORS: David Elliot, Tonya McClary


December 2001

bullet Oklahoma Lois Nadean Smith (EXECUTED), Sahib Al-Mosawi (EXECUTED)
bullet Texas Vincent Cooks (EXECUTED)
bullet Georgia Byron Parker (EXECUTED)

CREDITS: Scott Crain
EDITORS: David Elliot, Tonya McClary


November 2001

bullet New Mexico Terry Clark (EXECUTED)
bullet Texas Jeffrey Tucker (EXECUTED), Emerson Rudd (EXECUTED)
bullet Georgia Jose High (EXECUTED), Fred Gilreath (EXECUTED)
bullet North Carolina John Rose Hardy (EXECUTED)

CREDITS: Scott Crain
EDITOR: Jen Geiger, Tonya McClary


October 2001

bullet Missouri Michael Roberts (EXECUTED), Stephen Johns (EXECUTED)
bullet Ohio John Byrd, Jr. (STAY - Rescheduled in February 2002)
bullet North Carolina David Ward (EXECUTED)
bullet Virginia Christopher Beck (EXECUTED)
bullet Texas Gerald Mitchell--Juvenile (EXECUTED)
bullet Oklahoma Alvie Hale Jr. (EXECUTED)

CREDITS: Scott Crain, April Gariepy
EDITOR: Tonya McClary


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